Control Your Portions!

What is Portion Control?

First off, it is very important not to confuse portion control with servings.  A serving is a specific amount of food defined by common measurements, such as a cup or tablespoon. Portions are the amount of food you put on your plate.  If your portion control is out of control, you may be supersizing your meals and yourself!  Portion control boils down to eating the right things in the right amount. lists 10 different creative ways to assist with portion control.

Why Bother With Portion Control?

You may well be wondering: “What can portion control do for me?”  Portion control has a wide variety of benefits.  This article explains how portion control plays an essential role in losing weight. Ms Penny Pincher blogs about how portion control can lead to savings in your pocketbook as well.

How Portion Control Plates Can Help.

Portion control plates are designed to take the guesswork out of how much of what you should be eating.  As a general guideline, divide your plate into half, and fill one half with vegetables and fruits.  Divide the other half into half again to give you two quarters.  One quarter should consist of carbohydrates such as rice or pasta.  The other quarter should have your proteins like fish, chicken, eggs, or beans. Portion control plates make this exercise a piece of cake (not literally!).

I have designed a variety of portion control plates to help you in this process.  The plates are setup into two categories, a three-way split and a four-way split.  The four-way split plates are designed to help you portion out both fruits and veggies onto one half, and your carbohydrates and proteins on the other.  The three-way split plates are just a simpler version of the other, or designed for those who want more vegetables on their plates.  I have designed the majority of the plates to be very discrete about the idea of portion control so that they still look stylish but people will be none the wiser to your portion control assistant!

Buy Portion Control Plates

Downloadable Portion Control Graphics

Here you will find both low and high resolution graphics of portion control plates.  If you are a blogger or designer you will find these graphics very useful.  Low resolution images are available as a free download. High resolution graphics can be purchased for download at a very small fee.  A package of all the artwork together is also available at a reduced rate.  Low resolution images are 250×250 pixels. High resolution portion control plate graphics are in jpeg format each sized 3104×3104 pixels at 72dpi.

Selection of Low Resolution Portion Control Plate Stock Images for Sale


Bird Foot Prints:

Download Low Res 3 Way Split: [download id=6 format=1]

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Download Low Res 4 Way Split: [download id=7 format=1]

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Green Vines

Download Low Res Green Vines 1: [download id=8 format=1]

Purchase High Res Green Vines 1: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=4]

Download Low Res Green Vines 2: [download id=9 format=1]

Purchase High Res Green Vines 2: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=5]

Paw Prints

Download Low Res 3 Way Split: [download id=10 format=1]

Purchase High Res 3 Way Split: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=6]

Download Low Res 4 Way Split: [download id=11 format=1]

Purchase High Res 4 Way Split: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=7]

Train Tracks

Download Low Res 3 Way Split: [download id=12 format=1]

Purchase High Res 3 Way Split: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=8]

Download Low Res 4 Way Split: [download id=13 format=1]

Purchase High Res 4 Way Split: $0.75  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=9]

Get the Entire Pack + Bonuses!

Get the entire pack of high resolution images above + 5 bonus portion control plates at a discounted rate.

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