The interview with Patrick was most fun. I hope you enjoy his thoughts and artwork as much as I have! He is a very talented artist as you shall soon see.

Basics & Bio    

Do you have any hobbies aside from drawing/sketching?

I’ve been playing the saxophone since I was 10 years old.  I play many musical instruments, I enjoy video and photography, video editing, sound editing and music editing software. 3D creation software.

When did you start drawing?

Since I could hold a crayon in my hand.

Do you use your artistic skill professionally, or is it just something you do because you enjoy it?

Actually both.  My full time job requires me to create graphic designs for the print industry.  Being artistic gives me an edge that others do not have when using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Anyone can learn to use graphic software, but I believe only an artist can take it to a higher level.  Software is only a tool,  I can buy a hammer but it doesn’t make me a good carpenter!

What are your personal artistic goals?

I want people to see that a common pencil can be used in creating something beautiful. Something more than just a preliminary sketch tool for creating a painting. Also to have my drawings published some day,  that would be cool. 

Is there a particular artist or style that inspired you or that you attempt to emulate?

I was always fascinated by controlled airbrush illustrations ( not that freehand crap). I tried to recreate that smooth look with the only tool i could afford, the no.2 pencil.



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Style & Techniques

What tools do you use?

Mechanical pencils with various lead refills. 2B is mostly used and sometimes 2H and H leads. Erasers that I cut into sharp shapes for different effects. Tortillions (blending stumps).

Do you draw with a grid?

Only for large drawings, mainly for portraits.  I use a very light H pencil…easy to erase with no ghost.

I’ve noticed that your work is generally grayscale, do you ever work in color?

I’ve always had trouble with colors.  My wife swears that I am color blind but I don’t think so.  I’ve tried oil painting and color pencils, never happy with the results.  I decided to stay with what I can understand and control.


Creativity and Vision

What inspires you to create?

It’s no surprise that I love to draw pretty faces. Also, I  get energized when I see similar artists making amazing graphite renderings….that always sparks me up.


Do you always use reference images in your drawings, or do you sometimes go with what’s in your head?

For portraits, absolutely. After drawing so many faces, I can easily whip up a  realistic generic face from my head.  I never use a reference for my cartoony stuff with the exception of caricatures.

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Do you do digital drawing, or stick with paper and pencil?

I dont hold much regard for digital work. There is nothing tangible, no original piece to hold in your hand. A lot of digital work looks awesome, but I cant help thinking that it is still just a phantom piece of art….lots of dazzle and filters.  I will stick with actual art on paper, there is something special about that original drawing that did not require software to create.

Where do you see the future of hand drawn images going?

I feel that hand drawn images will become rare and more desired to have than mass produced digital images.  Can you imagine if the Mona Lisa was painted digitally? There would be nothing of value to hang in a museum. Traditional Original art will always have that value.


Thank you very much Patrick for taking a few moments with me out of your busy schedule for this interview! You can view more of his artwork at his DeviantArt gallery.

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