For the next 30 days, I’ll be creating one fractal a day with a 5 minute time constraint. The idea is for me to put my skills to the test and to improve my skills within a short time period. The entire fractal must be completed within the allotted time, including choosing colors/gradients and any other minor “tweaking” of the image and fine adjustments. These fractals are unlikely to be of the same high quality as the fractals found on my Fine Art site. The sizes of the renders will also be much smaller. The far majority of the fractals you see on my Fine Art site take longer than 48 hours to render, let alone to design and create! You’ll get to see the results of the 5 minute venture whether or not I’m satisfied with the result.

For the first 30 day run of this project I’ll be using the fractal program Apophysis.

I’m looking forward to this project, and I also invite your thoughts and comments. Come on this journey with me and let’s investigate new fractal territory.