My goal in using WebHostingPad’s hosting service was to move my domain as well as two others under the hosting umbrella and run all three domains from the single host. This is something I have done under five other similar hosts with no prior issues whatsoever. It is a fairly common practice and should be very easy to set up and execute.

Overview of Services Offered

Hosting Space* UNLIMITED*
Monthly Bandwidth* UNMETERED*
Free Domain Name*
Free Sitebuilder
Host additional Domains UNLIMITED
Email Accounts UNLIMITED
Email Forwarders UNLIMITED
Email Autoresponder UNLIMITED
Parked Domains UNLIMITED
Subdomains UNLIMITED


As of 08.06.13 their website also includes the following:

“99% Uptime Guarantee

Your website needs to be accessible for the visitors in order to generate sales. For this reason we offer 99% uptime guarantee. This means that the server your website is hosted on will be up and running at least 99% of the time during any 12-month period. If your server isnt available for the guaranteed amount of the time within a given month, we will give you a pro-rated credit for the time*.”

My Experience with the Hosting Service

First appearances can be very deceiving. I was initially thrilled with my new host, thinking I had found an excellent host at a great value. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After signing up I was given the standard email with login information for the cPanel, FTP account and so forth. Everything seemed to be working flawlessly. I was able to upload the websites at blazing speeds and had everything up and running in a matter of a few hours. The websites were running very quickly and my regulars to the sites were quite happy. Within a few days I noticed one of the domains was down completely and I could not do anything with it. After contacting customer support I was told that they were aware of the issue and it was out of their hands. I would have to wait 5 to 8 hours for a resolution. In the meantime my other domains also went down. This became a fairly regular occurrence.

When the websites were actually functioning I noticed that many images were not loading and that there were occasional server errors that prevented pages from loading completely. I was willing to give the host the benefit of the doubt and figured I would ride out the storm since things were so good in the beginning.

A Word of Caution

After the initial 30 days of service, my websites ceased to function well. On my fine art website alone over 80% of the images failed to load at any given time. After showing the service to and discussing the matter with other web hosts, they called the hosting service by WebHostingPad “ridiculous” and “utterly worthless”. These other hosts did not not know that WebHostingPad was currently hosting my websites since I did not reveal to them who the host was so that I could receive an unbiased response.

Each of the WordPress websites I was having hosted started to have difficulties with database settings and basic functionality. The home/index page would always load (albeit poorly and slowly most of the time), but individual posts and pages would fail to load giving database / MySQL errors. One fix that seemed to work intermittently was to reset the permalinks inside the WordPress settings (essentially changing from one format to another and then switching them back). Unfortunately the majority of the time I was unable to even log into the dashboard or get far enough in the settings before the pages timed out or I received other errors. Several clients were unhappy that they could not access their test sites or perform routine tasks. Page load times were so horrendous that often the pages timed out or returned various server errors.

It is important to note that after the first 30 days of service you cannot get your money refunded back from WebHostingPad. It was after this initial time period that my websites began to fail at an alarming rate. This leads me to be believe that the hosting service they are running is a racket and a scam. Looking at reviews from other users as well as their BBB scorecard appears to confirm this.

Review of Customer Service

Naturally I contacted their customer service about the continuous outages and downtime. I was told that a certain wordpress plugin was over-utilizing the RAM allotted to me and that I would need to disable it or use something different. The customer service technicians seemed annoyed that I was asking questions about the hosting and environment and didn’t want to deal with the issue. They told me it was my problem. The plugin in question has never caused a problem on any other host I’ve used and is integral to the functioning of my Fine Art website. Additionally the most recent version of this plugin specifically included optimized code to ensure it runs faster than ever and uses less resources than in the past. All very frustrating developments for me.

The techs could not explain to me why things functioned reasonably well (update to plugin had been applied before switching hosts so I knew this was not the issue) during the first 30 days of hosting services but now were failing miserably. They also seemed very callous about the issue and told me it must be my fault, treating me as if I were stupid and unknowledgeable about the field. They then told me that I should definitely upgrade to their higher-cost hosting service as this would fix all my issues. Read: SCAM

Since no reasonable explanation could be given me and no one was willing to assist in fixing the issue, I decided to ask for a refund. I was informed that this is not possible due to my account being past the initial 30 days of service and they did not provide refunds after this date. I was fed the same line when I explained the situation to management and requested a refund from them. I was also told by management that they do not offer pro-rated refunds and while I acknowledge a credit is different from a refund I was not offered the pro-rated credit either from management. So much for their “iron clad guarantee”.

Say No To WebHostingPad

Just Say No To WebHostingPad


Overall I feel quite taken advantage of, defiled, used and abused by WebHostingPad. They essentially took my money and then kicked me to the curb laughing all the way.

I highly recommend AGAINST using WebHostingPad for any of their hosting services.

If you are looking for top-notch shared hosting services the two I often use and recommend are Host Gator and iPage (note: iPage uses vDeck rather than cPanel).


Disclosure: I run a professional blog that occasionally receives compensation from the companies whose products I review. I test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. My blog is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.