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Have you ever wondered where some of the standard editing buttons are in your visual editor inside of the wordpress dashboard? I know I have! Simple html elements such as the <hr> tag are missing. Other more substantial elements are missing as well, such as font selectors and more. So how do you get these options inside of your wordpress dashboard visual editor? It’s actually easier than you might think.

You will need to open up your functions.php file within your wordpress theme. After doing so, insert the following code:

function enable_more_buttons($buttons) {
$buttons[] = ‘hr';

Repeat with any other buttons you want to add, e.g.
$buttons[] = ‘fontselect';
$buttons[] = ‘sup';

return $buttons;
add_filter("mce_buttons", "enable_more_buttons");

What you have done is added in the hr tag to the first row of buttons in the visual editor toolbar. Additionally, you could add it in to a second or even third line of buttons by using one of the following pieces of code.

add_filter("mce_buttons_2", "enable_more_buttons"); // add to second row
//add_filter("mce_buttons_3", "enable_more_buttons"); // add to third row

The process is a quick and simple one and now allows you to add in the hr tag to your visual editor. Want to add in other buttons for quick access? Check out the different options available to the right and feel free to customize your editor with anything you need to use!

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  • bold
  • italic
  • underline
  • strikethrough
  • justifyleft
  • justifycenter
  • justifyright
  • justifyfull
  • bullist
  • numlist
  • outdent
  • indent
  • cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • undo
  • redo
  • link
  • unlink
  • image
  • cleanup
  • help
  • code
  • hr
  • removeformat
  • formatselect
  • fontselect
  • fontsizeselect
  • styleselect
  • sub
  • sup
  • forecolor
  • backcolor
  • forecolorpicker
  • backcolorpicker
  • charmap
  • visualaid
  • anchor
  • newdocument
  • blockquote
  • separator ( | is possible as separator, too)