There are a plethora of ways to obtain Bitcoins. Before we go into actually getting Bitcoins, you’ll need something to put them into. These containers are aptly called “Wallets”. One of the simplest ways to store your Bitcoin’s is with Coinbase’s online wallet. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of this type of wallet in a future post. For now, head on over to Coinbase and sign up for a wallet. (Use the links in this blog and after you transfer some money you will receive an additional $5USD deposited into your account.)

Under the ‘account settings’ section you’ll find a link for ‘Bitcoin Addresses’. These are the addresses you will use to receive Bitcoin and have it placed in your wallet. You will need to copy the whole address (use copy and paste, it’s your friend) and use it in various places. Inside Coinbase you can give the address a label so that you remember what it is for. An address will look similar to this: 1CyXBuQ3YgPeiswsrfbVz8v7gKcS49Maqt

Now, onto the good stuff. Here are a couple ways to get bitcoins for free.

Use BitVisit

The BitVisit website is one way you can get free Bitcoins. Each time you use the website make certain that you put in the same Bitcoin address. The way the site works is that you get ‘paid’ tiny amounts of bitcoin to view ads. The amount you are paid varies on the length of time you spend on the website. Each time you view an ad, a payment is placed in a “microwallet” account and once you’ve reached the threshold it is paid out to the address you’ve supplied. That is why it is so imperative you use the same address each time. Will you make a killing off this method of obtaining bitcoin? No. But it is a nice way to start getting a small amount for only a few seconds of your time.

Try BitToClick

BitToClick works in a very similar way to BitVisit. You are paid a certain amount based on the time you view an ad. Make certain you click the little verification when the ad timer is finished in order to receive your payment. These payments add up very quickly and can provide you with a nice return in just a few weeks.


Now onto the hardcore stuff. This is where you can really make some money. However, mining is a very in-depth topic and will be covered in numerous upcoming posts once we’ve gone over more of the basics. An entire industry has risen around bitcoin mining. Suffice to say though, mining Bitcoin is not for the faint of heart. Soon I’ll be teaching you how to mine not only Bitcoins, but for the everyday guy, the much more profitable altcoin cryptocurrencies.

Until next time, get your wallets ready. Open them up and let the free bitcoins start falling in!