I often suffer and complain (rarely in silence) about the slow internet speeds and poor internet access provided by AT&T’s Uverse service. The best fix would be to not use AT&T for any service, but that is sadly not an option at the current time. Today while I was working I was told about a quick fix that has made a tremendous difference in my internet speed.

While I was working many websites including eBay, eHow, Hotels.com, Trip Advisor and more all stopped loading. I chocked this up to one of the big cloud servers like AWS being down or having issues. I checked AWS status and all lights were green. However, after asking several of my colleagues to check the links I was testing, it became apparent that the issue lay more on my end of things. Then several workers noted they were also using AT&T and could not access the same pages I was having issues with.

Enter the savior: one of the administrators offered me a helpful link, the one I’m now passing on to you. Since I am stuck using Uverse’s abominable hardware I had to switch each computer and laptop on our network rather than making the change once on the router, but this still only took a total of 5 minutes and made such a drastic increase in speed and accessibility to the internet.

Here is the link to using Google’s public DNS to speed up your AT&T Uverse internet speeds. Enjoy and pass it on!