Quick Overview

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Listia is great from both a selling and buying perspective. Sign up today and get some great deals! The system works by credits instead of money. You can obtain credits by listing and selling items, completing easy tasks, reaching goals set by Listia as well as simply purchasing them outright. For a more detailed review, please continue reading below or use this link to sign up.


Listia From a Buyer’s Viewpoint

Listia is a wonderful community and a great place to get some excellent things. You can get anything from tablets and laptops to coffee mugs, ties, dresses, and crazy obscure items. My wife and I have been able to get some incredible deals like brand new neck ties, socks, jackets, loads of jewelry, a brand new Wacom tablet for my design business, and more! We’ve really enjoyed the tight-nit community feel with the regulars on the site. It’s very much what eBay used to be back when it began. The thrill of the hunt is there as the site is not too big to browse an entire category and enjoy it. You can easily sort out all of the items that offer free shipping, which is a huge bonus.

A word of caution is needed, as it is with any site where you’re purchasing things. A seller’s feedback and time on the website is very important. I bought a sewing machine for my wife from a very new seller. She shipped the machine without any padding whatsoever. Needless to say, the machine’s internals were quite damaged and the machine was inoperable. Thankfully, the refunding process through Listia seemed to work very well and was relatively painless. I was able to get a full refund of the shipping costs and credits I spent. I purchased a second sewing machine from a brand new seller who apparently got bored before her first auction ended and never shipped the machine. Currently we are awaiting a refund of those credits. So the lesson learned is, get bigger ticket items from established and trusted sellers.

Listia From a Seller’s Viewpoint + Some Tips

I’ve been selling items on eBay for over 15 years, so I’m no stranger to selling items online. Listia’s listing process to get an item on the website is very simple and fast, and they include apps that make listing from your mobile device a breeze. It’s fairly easy to rack up some serious credits fast. In fact, I listed many items that I’ve put on eBay for a few years that haven’t sold, and they sold within the first week on Listia.

I would highly recommend you browse other listings first and get a feel for how the site works before listing your own items. Then, draw up a game plan. Choose what you will and will not do. Sadly, you’ve got to deal with people of all sorts, and many buyers will be difficult or insulting as they can comment freely in your auctions. As I mentioned above, the community as a whole is very nice, but some people apparently have nothing better to do than share how ignorant they can be. Make your policies ahead of time, and stick to them. People will ask you to lower your price, lower the time limit of the auction, ship for free when you’ve required shipping costs and more. Say no, be firm, and don’t be insulted by attacks. You don’t need to do business with a person who acts this way. It will just lead to more headaches down the line. Trust me, over the years I’ve been through it many times.

If you can, offer free shipping. You’ll get many more bids this way. There are times when you need buyers to pay shipping themselves, when this is the case you have two options: flat rate or exact amount. If you’re going to charge the exact amount, provide in the auction the method of shipping (USPS Priority Mail, UPS, etc), the origin zip code (this is your zip code) as well as the dimensions of the package and the total weight with all packing materials. This way the buyer can see you aren’t cheating them on the shipping costs and can calculate it themselves.

I’ve not had a single problem selling any items on Listia. After about 3 months time, I’ve shipped over 200 items and have about 15 packages heading out the door today! Describe everything accurately and take good, clear photos. It’s quite a pleasure to sell on Listia, and I hope you’ll take advantage of it too!

Wrap Up

Overall, I would highly recommend Listia as a great way to get great things and get rid of your unused items just laying around the house. If you have any buying or selling tips for Listia, please leave them in the comments below.

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