News and Updates about the art of Stan Ragets

New Artwork Series

I’ve just posted a brand new artwork series on my fine art website.

The series is entitled: Spanish Fast Food

Here is a quick preview of the pieces included:


This whole series was a blast to create! Head on over to my site and pick one up today before they’re gone!

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Customer Expectations of Graphic Designers

Today I was chatting with a fellow (and former) graphic designer located in Finland. He linked me to a few graphics which I found quite humorous and sadly true.


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Farming Independence Interview

I did some logo work for Farming Independence a while back. Sheila Mayfield appeared on the news this past weekend talking about the organization and what they’re accomplishing.

You can view the interview in its entirety here:

To learn more about Farming Independence, here is there home link.

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Art Installation in Italy

Just a quick update that my art installation located in Italy is now completed.

You can learn more about it at my fine art site.

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Collect Me!

I am currently entered at the Art Takes Times Square competition. It’s a very cool and different opportunity.

Every person that “collects” me gives me a better chance of winning the competiton. Please take a moment to goto and click the * (star) to collect me.

I truly appreciate all your support!

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