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Review of Auction Site Listia

Quick Overview

Listia is great from both a selling and buying perspective.┬áSign up today and get some great deals! The system works by credits instead of money. You can obtain credits by listing and selling items, completing easy tasks, reaching goals set by Listia as well as simply purchasing them outright. For a more detailed review, […]

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Install Chrome on Slackware Linux 14.1

Slackware Linux 14.1 comes with Firefox as the default browser. If you’re like me and been enthralled with Google Chrome for some time, then no doubt you’d like it to be on your Slackware system. Installing anything on Slackware used to be a real drag, especially for new users. You would have to download the […]

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Quick Fix for Slow AT&T Uverse Internet Speeds

I often suffer and complain (rarely in silence) about the slow internet speeds and poor internet access provided by AT&T’s Uverse service. The best fix would be to not use AT&T for any service, but that is sadly not an option at the current time. Today while I was working I was told about a […]

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WordPress Tip: Add the < hr > button and others to the Visual Editor (TinyMCE)

[vc_column width=”2/3″]

Have you ever wondered where some of the standard editing buttons are in your visual editor inside of the wordpress dashboard? I know I have! Simple html elements such as the <hr> tag are missing. Other more substantial elements are missing as well, such as font selectors and more. So how do you get […]

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