Interview with Photographer Adrian Dimache

Adrian has a beautiful and unique way of capturing personality in his photographs. I was captivated right away when I first saw his work. What follows is an interview with Adrian about his photography as well as his thinking process and working style.

Go From An Amateur to Professional Photographer Fast!

When did you get started in photography […]

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Interview with Sculptor Boris Litvinov

Our latest interview is with a brilliant and skilled stone sculptor named Boris Litvinov. We peer deep into his mind to see his motivations, creative sparks, and techniques. Enjoy!

The Interview
Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in a town of 150+K population in one of the former Soviet republics. ¬†While going […]

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Interview with Fractal Artist Jimmie Josefsson

I’ve known Jimmie for several years now. He’s an incredibly talented UltraFractal artist living in Sweden. He’s got a great personality, a love of metal textures, and a very funny and energetic son. Jimmie kicks off the very first interview here at my blog. Enjoy getting to know him a little better as well as […]

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