Desktop and cell phone wallpapers.

“Glass City” Series Wallpaper Free Download

A new series is available for sale at StanRagets.com called “Glass Cities”.  To celebrate the unveiling of this series, I have released a free high quality wallpaper download in both standard and widescreen resolutions.  The series was created in the fractal program Mandelbulb3d.  You can learn more about the artwork at the links above.  Each […]

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“My Stash” Free Downloadable Wallpaper

My Stash won a Daily Deviation award on the social art website DeviantArt.com on 02.25.2008 and has been in it’s most popular section since that time.  For over a year I had removed this image from being downloaded from the site due to the amount of art theft going on.  I found my image being stolen […]

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