WordPress Tip: Add the < hr > button and others to the Visual Editor (TinyMCE)

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Have you ever wondered where some of the standard editing buttons are in your visual editor inside of the wordpress dashboard? I know I have! Simple html elements such as the <hr> tag are missing. Other more substantial elements are missing as well, such as font selectors and more. So how do you get […]

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What is www1 in website addresses?

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While you’re surfing the web, and particularly while you are shopping, do you ever come across website addresses that have a www1 or a www2 or any other number in them? If so, you are not alone. What does this strange number in the www mean?

First off, it is important to go back to […]

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Importance of the ALT Attribute In Your IMG Tages in HTML for SEO

ALT attributes have been a part of the HTML markup language for a very long time. The most widely used application for them currently is within the image (IMG) tag. While the ALT attribute can be used in other applications, our focus of this post will be on the IMG tag.

What are ALT attributes, why […]

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