Where To Use Your Bitcoins

The question is only natural after you’ve started accumulating bitcoins in your wallet: Where do I spend all of these coins?

I know a guy who makes some really cool artwork that happily accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. **HINT**HINT** :) All jokes aside, I do accept bitcoin and altcoins for my artwork and the process is […]

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How Do I Get Bitcoins?

There are a plethora of ways to obtain Bitcoins. Before we go into actually getting Bitcoins, you’ll need something to put them into. These containers are aptly called “Wallets”. One of the simplest ways to store your Bitcoin’s is with Coinbase’s online wallet. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of this type of wallet in […]

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Getting Started With Bitcoin – A Primer

Bitcoin has been in the news. It’s being mentioned on popular television shows, including ‘The Blacklist’ among others. What exactly is Bitcoin? How does it work? And most importantly, how can you get your hands on Bitcoin?

This blog post is a simple primer on Bitcoin. Keep following my posts over the next several weeks as […]

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Insane Domino Trick Toppling Videos

While working today I came across several domino trick videos that really caught my attention. Listed below are some for your enjoyment!

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WordPress Tip: Add the < hr > button and others to the Visual Editor (TinyMCE)

[vc_column width=”2/3″]

Have you ever wondered where some of the standard editing buttons are in your visual editor inside of the wordpress dashboard? I know I have! Simple html elements such as the <hr> tag are missing. Other more substantial elements are missing as well, such as font selectors and more. So how do you get […]

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