Resurrection of the Blog

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted here on the blog.  I’m now back in action!

What can you expect to see in the upcoming months?

More interviews
More fractal projects & challenges
Reviews and Experiences with products and services
Wordpress plugins
Perhaps some tutorials (still debating on this one)
Redesign of website for better navigation and usability
and more!

I’m very […]

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Day 30 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

For the last fractal of the series I decided to stick with the Sine-Cosine formulas that I’ve been enjoying over the last few days.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this series!

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Day 29 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

Yet more exploring with the Sine-Cosine formulas today. This one is Polinomial set 4. I have been trying to do more work with the gradient/palette editor in the past few days. Today’s piece has a very psychedelic and spacey feel to it.

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Day 28 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

Today I am continuing my exploration of the Sine-Cosine formulas. This one is specifically Polinomial set 3. I did a lot of weird stuff to this fractal, including using a very odd coloring transform.

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Day 27 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

For some crazy reason I just discovered for the first time today the Sine-Cosine formulas within Fractal Explorer. Perhaps it’s because they are at the very bottom of the list. I’m so excited to have these formulas available as they can lead to some very fun and creative fractal artwork!

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