Day 26 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

The fractal for today came out of wanting to try a completely new formula. I’ve never used a phoenix formula before, not even in Ultra Fractal. It was a very interesting formula that I actually liked a lot. The overlapping shapes found in this fractal are very intriguing.

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Day 25 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

This spunky little piece was created with the 5th Mandel/Newton var formula. It reminds me of crazy paint splotches after a bunch of kids had fun doing a painting project.

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Day 24 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

Today’s fractal uses the Noel Giffen: Scorpio formula. As I was working with this formula I tried several different functions and finally came across the CA Sin function which worked beautifully with this piece.

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Day 23 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

Today I chose the Reminder 1 formula and it looked a mess right from the beginning. I thought to myself, “How in the world am I going to find anything in this formula?” Well after some digging and exploring I was able to locate a very cool looking abstract form which you see above. It […]

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Day 22 – Fractal Explorer – Five Minute Fractals

To highlight the diversity of fractals I went with the same formula as yesterday. Note how different the two fractals are with just slight changes to the numbers.

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